About ME


We are all on a journey.  This our adventure.  I’m Becky who has been married to Jonathan since 2005.  Our little guy Caden was born in September of 2008.  We currently make our home in Milan, Tennessee after moving here in September of 2009.  I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and my husband Jonathan grew up in Milan, Tennessee. We have been on a major adventure since summer of 2008 when we left full time ministry after several years in order to pursue life in the working world.  It’s been crazy since then.  We are just trusing waiting and fighting and it’s been very difficult.  We are thankful for family and the ability to love each other.  This blog is about my thoughts, our family, our life and really anything else I care to write about.  We pray that it gives you hope as well as we experience life together.


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