Nana came to visit and here’s what we did!

Nana came to visit last week (my mom), which was great since we hadn’t seen her since Christmas!  Bug just loves Nana.  It’s one of his new words.  Well, he has lots of new words.  His most favorite of all is apple.  He says that more than anything.  After that it’s pretty much a free for all.  He’s always been a chatterbox and we still can’t understand everything that he is saying but we are begining to understand much more of what he is saying.  He says everything from apple to truck, and Bob (you know the tomato from veggie tales) to bath.  I think he’s picking up a brand new word each and everyday.  I find that so crazy!  But it is so fun to see him grow up!  I feel like I am about ready to put a brick on his little head because it is happening way to fast but then again I guess that is what happens isn’t it.

Well, it was fun to have my mom around.  I know Caden really enjoyed it.  She got to babysit a couple of times since we had our Dave Ramsey class one night and our small group on another night.  We all went out to dinner one night…wait a second.  We almost went out to dinner.  We drove from Milan to Jackson which was about a 25 minute drive and by the time we decided on a place to eat bug had started choking and then he threw up all over himself.  Poor little guy.  So, we pulled over in the Walmart parking lot and my mom ran in to find some clean up things and got him a some pants and a shirt.  Meanwhile, me and Jonathan were out in the car and Caden was having a good old time.  He was jamming to the radio and standing in daddy’s lap acting like he was driving.  It didn’t seem too sick even though he had lost his whole lunch.  Maybe he got a little car sick.  Since then he isn’t feeling great and he’s even cutting a few more teeth I think.  Those darn teeth.  Does it ever stop? 

I thought it was a little funny because the car seat was all puky and so we got him out of it and drove down to the door of Walmart with bug on my lap to let Nana out to run in.  I just know everyone was looking at me like I was Brittney Spears or something and driving around with my kid on my lap.  Well, I wasn’t about to put him back in a puky seat when we didn’t have anything to clean him up with when we were just driving down the lane in the parking lot.  I’m sure they wouldn’t of either.  Well, we finally cleaned him up and then went by chic-fil-a.  It was  a little far from home if we just went through the drive through so we went in to have a bite.  I still have a little puke on me and rolled up my sleeves.  Is glorious being a mom sometimes isn’t it?  Bug ate just fine and then we went back home with out any more episodes so I guess he was ok. 

As far as the box on his head…well.  It’s funny how kids get into stuff and do funny things.  I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to have children.  They are just to entertaining!


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