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Eating all by Himself

Caden likes to feed himself.  He REALLY REALLY likes to feed himself.  Sometimes he refuses to eat unless he is the one putting his food in his mouth.  Like today I was feeding him avocado.  If I would put a small piece in his mouth he would spit it out but if I put little pieces on his tray and HE would put the food in his mouth then he would eat it.  Already my son is so independent and he’s not even 11 months old!  I had the most difficult time trying to figure out how to get him to eat veggies.  Even veggies that he once enjoyed like peas and sweet potatoes he stopped eating until I started steaming veggies and putting them on his tray, THEN he would eat them.  So Caden, you are starting early my child, no more baby food for this one.  He wants to be a big boy folks.  My little baby boy is growing up much much too fast!

100_1389Here’s my little guy after he had some strawberries which of couse he had to feed himself.  He also started to get a little sleepy while he was eating and rubbing his eyes so of course the strawberries are smeared all over his face! Time to throw the kid in the bath tub!