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Baby Shower #2

We traveled to St. Louis this weekend and my sweet sister had a wonderful baby shower for me.  I didn’t know people were so generous the second time around with a little baby!  This little girl is going to have some clothes!  I can’t wait to dress her up!  It was a very fun time with family and some of my best friends!  Yay!  Thanks everyone!

First of all, do you think we had enough food?


How cute are these? Seriously!


Probibly the best Chocolate Cake with Rasberry Buttercream icing I EVER ATE!


A fun book with so much fun to do!


Always, ALWAYS fun to see my best friends fom College!


And my best friend since 7th grade!


And of course my mom and my little sis who was nice enough to throw a wonderful shower for me!


And Oh, Grandma Bernice!

Well, little Baylor will be here in only about six weeks!  Better get that room ready!  Thanks so much everyone for all your generosity!  Lots of hugs and kisses!


Trival Pursuit 90’s edition


So last night we took a little excurssion to Omaha to see our good friends, the Oswalds.  We packed into the Morris’ car with our little guy in tow and took off for the big city of Nebraska.  It was a great night packed with lots of laughs, good food, and fabulous cinnimon rolls by ms. Miranda.  There is nothing we love more than getting out of the house and enjoying a fun night with Friends.  And dang it we forgot to take a photo of the girls.  Miranda is due in April and Emily is due in October and then we have little Caden which is about to be 5 months old in a couple of days!  I can’t believe that he is getting so big.  It’s just crazy.  It feels like just yesterday that I had that little booger.  There is nothing more refreshing and more relaxing from the craziness of life than spending time with good friends and good conversation as well as playing trivial pursuit of the 90’s.  I have to say that Tom is a wiz at that game.  I think he knows just about everything.  Me on the other hand, I think I got one question right.  I don’t think that trivial pursuit or any other trivia game 90’s or any other time or decade has ever been my cup of tea.  Jonathan was a bit more a head of his game than I was but then again he does read a lot more information than I do.    My game just wasn’t on, but then again it never is.  Caden on the other hand was a happy as a clam until we tried to put him to bed.  Then he screamed like crazy.  I just don’t think he likes to miss out on any of the action.  As soon as we brough him back downstairs he was content as could be playing with his toys on the floor even though his little eye balls looked so exhusted.  He wasn’t much help as far as trival pursuit. Finally after he got fed for the last time of the night he drifted off to sleep with no problems with a full and happy belly.  He’s such a great little kiddo.  Next time our little group of friends gets together there are going to be about what seven no way nine children.  We might need a to employ a few babysitters or a trip to Disney World with all those kiddos.