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Our Newest Family Member

Meet Baylor Mackenzie Webb aka Beemer.  We really didn’t realize that we gave her initials that were BMW until someone pointed them out.  She’s out little peanut!

She looks so much like my son in some of her early pics.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Our Precious family!


Family Baby Shower!

My husbands family had a shower for me for the little girl that will be here in just a few months!  I can’t believe it’s only a few months can you?  Here’s the pics:

Meal Plan Monday

I used to be so organized and I really don’t know what happened.  My new years resolution is going to be saving my family money in 2010 and I am committed to doing it by learning the coupon ropes and planning my meals before I go to the grocery store.  Surely we will save money on our food budget.  If you have any meal planning, money saving tips I would love to hear them.  Our very local grocery store is Walmart so I am going to do most of my grocery shopping there with an occasional trip to Kroger which is a little bit of a drive away. Hopefully I will quickly get in the habit of posting my meals in attempt to help others and to hold myself accountable to my commitment:

Monday: Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken, pasta, Caesar salad

Tuesday: Slow cooker pot roast w/veggies, rolls

Wednesday: soup w/shrimp

Thursday: Cashew Chicken Casserole, canned corn

Friday: slow cooker rice and beans, apple sauce

Saturday: French Fry Casserole, green beans

Sunday: Small group dinner at Blake and Lisa’s

So here it is!  Enjoy!

Love and blessings

This is Jonathan writing.  Becky left it signed in so I thought I would write a little while she is sleeping and I am having trouble sleeping.  Life has been hard in a lot of ways for us this past year and a half.  However, we have been so blessed and our love has grown so much stronger.  Life has thrown us some curveballs and our young marriage has only grown stronger.  Caden is such a blessing and a joy to have.  And, we are waiting with delight for that little one growing in Becky’s belly.  A couple of weeks ago we heard the heartbeat for the first time.  What an amazing thing to know that not too long ago we heard Caden’s heartbeat and now he is running around.

I wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog how much I love my wife.  She is an amazing woman of God and her faith is an encouragement to me.  She has persevered through some tough times and continues to pursue the Lord with all her heart.  I pray that I can be a husband who cherishes Becky and the times we have together.  As I look around, I see so many people struggling in their marriages.  Becky and I have been married a little over 4 years and every day we grow closer together in some way.  I want to love Becky more in 50 years than I do right now.  The Lord, as He grows me, will show me ways in which I can improve and ways in which I am selfish.

These last several months have been hard.  We have cried alot but we have also laughed alot.  I could not have made it through all that has gone on without Becky by my side.  She is my best friend, my partner, and my ‘other half.’  I don’t mean that in the cheesy way it is sometimes used.  I mean that in a very real and tangible way.  My down days she has picked me up.  When my eyes have been focused on the wrong things, the Lord has used Becky to point them in the right direction.  I love you sweetie!

And Caden has brought so much laughter and joy to our home.  He is such a happy kid.  Smiling, talking a lot, and doing what boys do.  Toys are tossed to the floor, toys are over-turned in an attempt to see how they work, and so many other ways Caden is exploring the world.  Everything he picks up can become a ball to throw or an object to bang on something.  I love having a boy!  Why?  Because his sense of adventure and exploration is natural.  And through all of that he listens well.  He is understanding no more and more and not touching things we have told him not to.  What a pleasure it is to have children.

I just wanted to write from my perspective and let some of what I am thinking out.  We are definitely on an adventure and it is quite a ride.  I am such a different person than I was just 1 year ago and can’t wait to see how the Lord grows me and my family in this next year.

Our First Family Vacation

We just got home from our very first family vacation ever!  Me, Jonathan and Bugs!  Bugs did fabulous!  We traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota to check out Mount Rushmore.  I mean, we will probibly never live this close again.  So we had to take the chance.  Now we are back home and moving in a week!  Time to start packing like a mad woman!  But first…here are some pics of our first family trip!

The Whole Fam

The Whole Fam

Here we are with Mount Rushmore in the background.  Just to prove we were there!


Here’s me and buggy boo with Mount Rushmore WAAAY in the background.  You probibly can’t even see it from the pic!

Happy as a Clam!

Happy as a Clam!

100_1428We ate buffalo, but not this buffalo!  This one was like feet from our car! 


And we saw real dinosaur bones!  Here’s bugs and I getting eaten by one.  We had so much fun and Caden did great!  He decided to skip his daily naps (pretty much both morning and afternoon) and take cat naps in the car instead.  It was an hour time difference so we ended up putting him to bed every night right after 6.  He’s sleep until 6 and even 7 the next day taking 12-13 hour nightly snoozes!  He was fabulous!  And of course, happy as a clam!

Trying to Trust

I have found my self challenged daily to trust the Lord lately.  My heart is sad that the wear and tear of life has taken me further and further from trusting God.  I continually try to remember all the blessings we have been given.  We have an amazing, healthy, happy, laughing, smiling baby boy who takes my breath away every time that I look at him.  I have a loving, giving, helping, wonderful husband who is helping me around the house as we get ready for our adventure to move 10 hours away to Tennessee.  My husband has a wonderful family that loves us and that wants to spend time with us and that is so excited for us to move to Tennessee.  And though I have been nervous about moving to a small town in Tennessee I am excited too!  We have been seriously lacking in good church fellowship since we moved to Lincoln.  Being on staff with a Christian ministry was difficult because it felt like whenever we went to church we were expected to lead something, teach something, or start something.  We didn’t have time to devote to investing in the relationships of the people around us because we were so busy and overloaded with the college students that we worked with.  We have been SO HUNGRY for relationships of people our age.  So I am also excited to move to Tennessee because we found a church fellowshipjackson.com where it looks like it is just something we are looking for and is a sister church to Fellowship Memphis which is the church in which we hope to one day be invovled in when we finally move to Memphis.   I am SO wanting to be fed for a change, be in a small group and share life with people.  It always helps to hear what others are going through and what is helping them make it through.

Sometimes I feel like every step I take my world is crumbling around me.  I have contemplated that perhaps I am just not the best problem solver and maybe others handle their stresses much better.  I am daily trying to give up my burdens to the Lord.  I often have to do it even minute by minute.  My heart continues to ache as many of those so dear to me ie. family members make decisions that are taking more and more pieces of their heart away from the Lord.  I feel as though sometimes I have the tendency to do the same and I do not want to leave that legacy to my children.  Oh, Lord have mercy on us.

Here are a few things that I am praying for an added measure of faith for:

– That God would draw our hearts deeper with him

– That we would connect to a church in Tennessee quickly and find instant friendships even more quickly

– Our home to sell in the next few weeks

– That God would help us recover the debt we’ve gotten into quickly due to transitions and job struggles

– That our move will go smoothly to Tennessee and everything will work out with the job my husband is taking with this library and that he will have doors swing wide open for him for the Chamber of Commerce job he so wants

– That God would renew and awaken the hearts of my parents and siblings

Thank you Lord ahead of time for what you will do.  Please increase my faith.


The Webb Family

The Webb Family

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our blog!  We are excited to share with you our Webb Family adventures!  I have been wanting to put together a blog for quite awhile that updates our friends, family, and the world on our life.  Our little family began on Aug 6, 2005 and grew on September 17, 2008.  We were so excited just a couple months ago to add our addition Caden Riley or our “brave fighter” to the family.  He has been a blast so far!  We can’t wait to update you on the happenings of the Webb family as we have more and more adventures together and grow as God grows us!

So here’s what has been our adventures as of late.  We still make our home in Lincoln, Nebraska even though the only Lincoln native in our family is our “little pea” Caden.  We enjoy our three bedroom town home that sits adjacent to a golf course and the airport even though we hardly ever hear the planes that take off nearby.  Jonathan recently landed a job as a financial services representative and will some day be a full fledged financial advisor.  We are excited to see what is in store for us as Jonathan begins his new job.  These past months have been tough.  We left staff with a Christian ministry, looked for jobs, and had a baby but the Lord continues to provide each and every need that we have.  Though we would love to add an additional car to our family it isn’t a matter of life and death and we are praying that the Lord would provide that privilege in time.  Becky is a Mary Kay consultant and hopes to offer five star service to all her customers.

Our little pea is the happiest little guy on earth and we haven’t needed Disney World to make him that way! He is always smiling and laughing and he just learned out to roll over.  Only a couple of mornings ago I (Becky) found him on his little tummy.  So he must have rolled over in his sleep.  He is quite a talker and loves to tell us stories.  At least as far as we can tell he’s telling us stories about what we really aren’t sure.  We are enjoying being a mommy and daddy!  It is so fun to see him learning new things almost daily and having a little one to take care of and cuddle in our arms.  What a special little life that we have been entrusted to care for!

Many Blessings and Adventures to Come!

Love, The Webbs!