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My Little Easter Bunny

Mom had bought Caden a super cute Easter outfit.  It was fun to have a meal with family and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  Jonathan and I gave Caden a plastic golf set for Easter as well as his present in lieu of a basket.  He won’t know the difference anyway.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

Doesn’t he just look like the little golfer?  What a great day to celebrate that our God is alive!


Have a Blessed Easter

Easter 2009

Easter 2009

Caden was proud and happy (as always) in his new Easter outfit that Nana found for him!  Good job Nana!  She always does such fabulous shopping!  This was bug’s frist Easter.  It was spent in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We attended church and then have been having some trouble napping.  Not me, Caden.  I’m not sure if he’s cutting a tooth or what but the past couple of nights he has woken up screaming and he’s hard to calm down.  Then we find him chewing on his fingers.  Yesterday after we got home from church mommy and daddy were both tired but of course Caden has his cat nap in the car and didn’t want to drift off to sleep at home.  Even after he hadn’t seem to sleep to well the night before.  So it took quite awhile but finally he went to sleep and mommy passed out too.  I awoke to hear him crying again and being half away I rushed in to find him rolling around in his crib and crying.  Then I stumbled down stairs after sleeping a little bit longer than I planned myself and started making my portion of Easter dinner since we were headed over to our good friends and neighbors house Jill and Rob’s.  Well after sticking the green bean casserole in the oven and trying to get the shells off the hardboiled eggs I had made, which I couldn’t do by the way.  I feel like I lost sight of Easter this year.  I feel like I really lost sight of the fact that it’s about the ressurection of Christ and the redemtion of us his children.  Instead I found myself stressed and frusterated in a mess of eggs where their sells wouldn’t come off and fussy baby who hasn’t been sleeping well at all.  Oh, I’m so thankful for the cross and that Jesus died for days like that too!  Hopefully Easters to come will be much less stressful!  Anyway, we are thankful for each and every one of our friends.  God Bless you!   Have a Happy Easter enjoy our pic of our happy little guy!  Love, The Webbs