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No new baby Pics

Well, here I am…37 weeks pregnant waiting for this baby to come!  And I keep forgetting to take belly pics!  Sorry folks I  really need to get another one taken before this little pumpkin is born!  Caden has done some super cute things and I always have the camera handy but you know what?  I am pretty sure he knows what I’m going to do and deliberately moves before I can take his precious little photo because I can’t catch him in the act of anything!  Er!  I have been exhausted, wanted some cute pics, trying to get everything ready for baby number 2 and working on my other blog since I haven’t had any fabulous posts for this one.

To all the mommies out there in blogger land I am giving away some Organic Baby Conditioning Shampoo & Wash on my other blog! So please check it out and sign up!  It’s great stuff!  I enjoyed doing this product review!


What’s new? JUST LAUNCHED!

While Webb Family Adventures will remain my personal blog I have decided to try my hand at an education focused blog!  I feel like there are so many things our society needs education on!  And since the blogging world continues to grow I thought I would start my own.  I will continually be working on developing this blog in different ways but I have decided to just launch my super fun blog called Our Peaceful HomeOur Peaceful Home is an encouraging blog about all the things that I have learned in the past couple years and am learning in the years to come about finances, parenting, being a wife, taking care of my family, spiritual life, etc.  As my conviction grows about being a wife and a mother and keeping my home a peaceful place for my family I wanted to have an outlet in order to share all that I was learning.  While I have done that some here on Webb Family Adventures I decided I wanted this to be more of a place for family updates and so forth and to have another place where I can focus my thoughts.  So all those thoughts that continue rolling around in my head as I’m being educated will have a place to go!  So please check out Our Peaceful Home :Striving toward having a peaceful home! and become a follower to help me get started on this new adventure!