Family Baby Shower!

My husbands family had a shower for me for the little girl that will be here in just a few months!  I can’t believe it’s only a few months can you?  Here’s the pics:


Wet Oatmeal Kisses

One of these days you’ll explode
and shout to all the kids,
“Why don’t you just grow up
and act your own age?”

And they will.

Or, “You guys get outside
and find something to do —
without hurting each other!
And don’t slam the door!”

And they don’t.

You’ll straighten their bedrooms
until it’s all neat and tidy,
toys displayed on the shelf,
hangers in the closet,
animals caged. You’ll yell,
“Now I want it to stay this way!!”

And it will.

You will prepare a perfect dinner
with a salad that hasn’t had all
the olives picked out.
And a cake with no finger traces in
the icing.
And you’ll say,
“Now this is a meal for company.”

And you will eat it alone.

You’ll yell, “I want complete privacy
on the phone! No screaming, do you
hear me?”

And no one will answer.

No more plastic tablecloths stained.
No more dandelion bouquets.
No more iron-on patches.
No more wet, knotted shoelaces,
muddy boots or
Rubber bands for ponytails.

Imagine. A lipstick with a point.
No babysitters for New Year’s Eve,
washing clothes only once a week.
No PTA meetings or silly school plays
where your child is a tree.
No carpools, blaring stereos or forgotten
lunch money.

No more presents made of library paste
and toothpicks. No wet oatmeal kisses.
No more tooth fairy, giggles in the dark,
scraped knees to kiss or sticky fingers to

Only a voice asking, “Why don’t you grow up?”

And the silence echoes:

“I did.”

Author unknown

Heard this at my moms group a couple of weeks ago.  Loved it!

Nana came to visit and here’s what we did!

Nana came to visit last week (my mom), which was great since we hadn’t seen her since Christmas!  Bug just loves Nana.  It’s one of his new words.  Well, he has lots of new words.  His most favorite of all is apple.  He says that more than anything.  After that it’s pretty much a free for all.  He’s always been a chatterbox and we still can’t understand everything that he is saying but we are begining to understand much more of what he is saying.  He says everything from apple to truck, and Bob (you know the tomato from veggie tales) to bath.  I think he’s picking up a brand new word each and everyday.  I find that so crazy!  But it is so fun to see him grow up!  I feel like I am about ready to put a brick on his little head because it is happening way to fast but then again I guess that is what happens isn’t it.

Well, it was fun to have my mom around.  I know Caden really enjoyed it.  She got to babysit a couple of times since we had our Dave Ramsey class one night and our small group on another night.  We all went out to dinner one night…wait a second.  We almost went out to dinner.  We drove from Milan to Jackson which was about a 25 minute drive and by the time we decided on a place to eat bug had started choking and then he threw up all over himself.  Poor little guy.  So, we pulled over in the Walmart parking lot and my mom ran in to find some clean up things and got him a some pants and a shirt.  Meanwhile, me and Jonathan were out in the car and Caden was having a good old time.  He was jamming to the radio and standing in daddy’s lap acting like he was driving.  It didn’t seem too sick even though he had lost his whole lunch.  Maybe he got a little car sick.  Since then he isn’t feeling great and he’s even cutting a few more teeth I think.  Those darn teeth.  Does it ever stop? 

I thought it was a little funny because the car seat was all puky and so we got him out of it and drove down to the door of Walmart with bug on my lap to let Nana out to run in.  I just know everyone was looking at me like I was Brittney Spears or something and driving around with my kid on my lap.  Well, I wasn’t about to put him back in a puky seat when we didn’t have anything to clean him up with when we were just driving down the lane in the parking lot.  I’m sure they wouldn’t of either.  Well, we finally cleaned him up and then went by chic-fil-a.  It was  a little far from home if we just went through the drive through so we went in to have a bite.  I still have a little puke on me and rolled up my sleeves.  Is glorious being a mom sometimes isn’t it?  Bug ate just fine and then we went back home with out any more episodes so I guess he was ok. 

As far as the box on his head…well.  It’s funny how kids get into stuff and do funny things.  I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to have children.  They are just to entertaining!

What’s new? JUST LAUNCHED!

While Webb Family Adventures will remain my personal blog I have decided to try my hand at an education focused blog!  I feel like there are so many things our society needs education on!  And since the blogging world continues to grow I thought I would start my own.  I will continually be working on developing this blog in different ways but I have decided to just launch my super fun blog called Our Peaceful HomeOur Peaceful Home is an encouraging blog about all the things that I have learned in the past couple years and am learning in the years to come about finances, parenting, being a wife, taking care of my family, spiritual life, etc.  As my conviction grows about being a wife and a mother and keeping my home a peaceful place for my family I wanted to have an outlet in order to share all that I was learning.  While I have done that some here on Webb Family Adventures I decided I wanted this to be more of a place for family updates and so forth and to have another place where I can focus my thoughts.  So all those thoughts that continue rolling around in my head as I’m being educated will have a place to go!  So please check out Our Peaceful Home :Striving toward having a peaceful home! and become a follower to help me get started on this new adventure!

Diapers, Diapers and MORE diapers

So the hubby and I recently decided that we are going to try to cloth diaper route with baby #2!  After finding some great deals and steals on with disposible diapers I also decided to purchase some Flip cloth diapers from the same place.  By the way, if you like Pampers they are still running the fabulous deals on pampers that I got on sale!  I don’t know about you but even though many claim that generic diapers are the same as Pampers, mmm…I don’t think they are.  I admit it I guess I’m a pampers snob!  Anyway,  here it is… 

1. It must be your first time order

2. Pick up and Extra Large case of pampers and add them to your cart along with a Cruisers Jumbo pack.  Your total will be $52.98.  For around 191 diapers this isn’t too bad. 

3. But use the coupon code FUNMOM at check out and get an addtional $10 off and your total will be $42.98 which is even better! 

4. That’s not all go here and use the mail-in rebate of an magazine subscription offered to first time customers and get an additonal $14.97  back!  Whoo hoo!  So you will end up spending $28.01 for all those diapers delievered directly to your door!  Great deal! 

If pampers aren’t your favorite, you can use this coupons code on any diapers or formula as well and get $10 off your purchase.  You also enjoy free shipping of a purchase over $49!  Go to town!  There is nothing like saving a little bit of money!

Anyway, we are going to try the cloth diapers for baby #2 and just so you know will allow you to use the $10 off on a cloth diaper order as well.  However, you have to send them an email stating that the coupon code won’t work when you go through check out and they will apply it to your account.  My hubby did say that “he would get another job” before we would use cloth diapers but after some friends convincing us how great they were and us looking into how much money we could save we are going to try it out.  We are going to keep bug on his disposibles and try the flip cloth diapers on Baylor!  Parenting is such and adventure!

Super Yummy Recipe!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure this recipe that we tried last night is an award winner…

It’s an Italian Chicken Cream Cheese Casserole!  Click on the link and try it out!  You’ll love it!  It is really amazing.  It calls for pasta but one of the variations for it is brown rice.  We went the brown rice route since that is what I had on hand!  Yum!  There was only a very small bit left over and I ate it for lunch today! 

If you try it out let me know what you think!

Belly Pic!

Here it is all that you’ve been waiting for!  28 weeks!  My hair is a little frizzy but that’s ok.