Diapers, Diapers and MORE diapers

So the hubby and I recently decided that we are going to try to cloth diaper route with baby #2!  After finding some great deals and steals on diapers.com with disposible diapers I also decided to purchase some Flip cloth diapers from the same place.  By the way, if you like Pampers they are still running the fabulous deals on pampers that I got on sale!  I don’t know about you but even though many claim that generic diapers are the same as Pampers, mmm…I don’t think they are.  I admit it I guess I’m a pampers snob!  Anyway,  here it is… 

1. It must be your first time order

2. Pick up and Extra Large case of pampers and add them to your cart along with a Cruisers Jumbo pack.  Your total will be $52.98.  For around 191 diapers this isn’t too bad. 

3. But use the coupon code FUNMOM at check out and get an addtional $10 off and your total will be $42.98 which is even better! 

4. That’s not all go here and use the mail-in rebate of an magazine subscription offered to first time customers and get an additonal $14.97  back!  Whoo hoo!  So you will end up spending $28.01 for all those diapers delievered directly to your door!  Great deal! 

If pampers aren’t your favorite, you can use this coupons code on any diapers or formula as well and get $10 off your purchase.  You also enjoy free shipping of a purchase over $49!  Go to town!  There is nothing like saving a little bit of money!

Anyway, we are going to try the cloth diapers for baby #2 and just so you know dipaers.com will allow you to use the $10 off on a cloth diaper order as well.  However, you have to send them an email stating that the coupon code won’t work when you go through check out and they will apply it to your account.  My hubby did say that “he would get another job” before we would use cloth diapers but after some friends convincing us how great they were and us looking into how much money we could save we are going to try it out.  We are going to keep bug on his disposibles and try the flip cloth diapers on Baylor!  Parenting is such and adventure!


One response to “Diapers, Diapers and MORE diapers

  1. I love pampers, too, but we also “1/2” cloth diaper. We have about 10-15, and we use them until they’re used up, and then we go to disposables (but our toddler is mostly potty trained, so it’s only for our little lady). We don’t have a W/D in our rental, so we can’t wash them every other day, otherwise we’d use them all the time, and we just haven’t bought any more.
    BIG TIP with buying them:
    Do NOT get AIO (all-in-ones) unless you plan on letting your diapers mostly air-out/dry outside on a line. They take 2 or more dry cycles to get completely dry–therefore NOT saving you that much money on energy $$!! (otherwise they are still damp inside which can lead to rash/mold/smell/etc!)
    DO buy ONE-SIZE preferrably SNAP diapers. One size is the route that cloth dipares are going, since they can fit infant (6-8 weeks) through toddler-hood, therefore not having to buy more than SET of 20-24 diapers that are individual sizes.
    SNAPS don’t wear out like velcro do. Even awesome brands like bum genius velcro wears out after a year or two, snaps don’t have that problem!
    Our favorites are FUZZI BUNZ ONE-SIZE (with snaps) cloth diapers. They are AWESOME!
    Good luck, and seriously, it’s not that gross 🙂

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