Somebody Teach Me!

During the past three months as I have started clipping coupons, reading money saving blogs regularly like Money Saving Mom and Faithful Provisions, and reading books like Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy, and trying to swipe a free bread maker by earning all the swagbucks I can and redeeming amazon gifts cards.  I am amazed at just how much I did not know about the money saving world.  I didn’t grow up in a home that strived to save money or really understood that it was really all God’s money.  Part of me is a little bit sad because as I spent five years in full time ministry and I was frequently in the presence of moms that were sometimes a decade or two older than me and I wanted to not only be discipled and learn from their godly wisdom I also wanted to learn about their earthly wisdom and no one taught me some of these things that we should all be teaching others as believers.  I mean how can we really get all we can out of our money?  How can we really make our homes peaceful places?  What are some great methods of discipline?  How can I honor the Lord as a wife and a mother?  I increasingly become so shocked at the things that I didn’t even realize were out there.  Life is a crazy journey isn’t it?

And to the credit of the moms I worked around.  Many of them were so busy that maybe they didn’t have time to teach me some of these things or simply thought they didn’t apply to me.  Some probably had never thought about such things themselves or at least a few of the things listed above.  Though it does seem like saving money is an art.  I am frequently amazed at all the ways that you can learn to do so.  That you can be at home with your kiddos have fun with them, teach, them and have a major hand in running the household as well.  Though it all takes a lot of work it can be done.  So like many others am all in this process of learning.  I’m learning myself, hoping some will teach me and yet praying for godly wisdom so I can continue to see the Lord add peace to our home and honor him in every aspect of it.


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