Going Green?

I realize that I have been a real slacker lately with posting on my blog.  I have so many things swimming in my head.  My husband and I are taking a Dave Ramsey class where we are learning more about our money as well as in my moms group at church I am taking a wonderful class on biblical parenting.  Caden’s been teething and I’ve been trying to keep the house clean.  As well as learning how to stick to a budget and continue to cut corners so that so we can continue to save while we are preparing to have another little baby.

Ah life can be crazy sometimes but I am thankful for my life and what God has blessed us with.  I found this website where I am considering making my own household cleaners.  Most are extremely easy and would save bunches of money plus I believe that they are much healthier for my family.

Growing up in a family like I did I realize that I am completely clueless that you can actually make some of this stuff at home.  Well, here it goes!  Let me know what else you make homemade.  I may have never thought of it before.


One response to “Going Green?

  1. what fun! homemade cleaners are MUCH cheaper and better for you. shaklee.com also offers EXCELLENT cleaning concentrates at a fairly low cost, in my opinion (one box of their laundry detergent got us through one year, and the H2 cleaning concentrate is only about 1/10 gone, after two years!) ..learning with you 🙂

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