What’s happening at the Webb’s?

I can’t believe that December has almost flown by. It’s almost Christmas and almost time to unwrap all those gifts that have been sitting in the corner of our closet for bug to open Christmas morning.  It’s been a wild ride this year all the way from January to December.  This time last year I believe that we were hoping that Jonathan would get a job with Mass Mutual doing financial investments.  He did and started last January!  It proved to be a much harder position that we had expected and with much prayer and the fear of having to take out the little retirement we had we decided that it wasn’t the career move that we wanted to take.  Jonathan was stressed and we were going more and more in debt as the months passed by.  Then this summer Jonathan’s dad offered him a job at the library that he runs as an overseer of all the old religious books that sit on the shelves and hopes that Milan, Jonathan’s hometown was going to hire a director of the Chamber of commerce in September.  So we decided that our best option was to move from Nebraska to Tennessee.  So at the end of August that is exactly what we did.  We are still praying for our home to sell in Nebraska.  It still sits there waiting for us like we are going to come back to it.  Empty.  But, I’m pretty sure we will be living here in Tennessee for quite awhile. So here we are looking back.  We’ve lived in Tennessee for several months and Jonathan just had an interview for the Milan chamber of commerce which of course they haven’t hired for yet.   Hopefully soon.  It doesn’t look like they will be the beginning of the year but probably shortly after.  If the Lord chooses not to provide that job for us we will have to once again think through next steps for our future but we are praying that the Lord would provide my husband that job.  We are thankful at this time of year for family that loves us and a healthy baby boy and Lord willing a healthy baby on the way.  We are thankful how the Lord has provided for us since we left our work in missions and we can’t believe how Caden is growing by leaps and bounds.

Caden just turned 15 months old.  He is chattering all the time and often saying short words that we can understand.  He starting to try to climb on things and now plays with his toys like a champ.  He doesn’t take naps so well and doesn’t even really sleep through the night like he once did occasionally waking up, but the poor kid has had brutal teeth problems with those little chompers coming up.  It seems as though he is always teething and then he gets several in at one time.  Caden is all boy.  He loves to laugh and through things and laugh some more. He has this super cute smile where he scrunches up his little nose at us and you can’t ever be mad at him.  He keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing.  He loves to eat and he eats A LOT!  He raises his hands during worship at church and is always praising Jesus.  He loves the nursery at church and can’t wait to play with the kids.  I can’t believe he already seems to understand most of what we see and he often backs off when we tell him NO! unless he’s tired and crabby in which case he often proceeds to test us.  I love my little bug!  I love being a mommy!  We are so thankful once again that we have bug #2 on the way.


One response to “What’s happening at the Webb’s?

  1. Becky, I’ll be praying for you and Jonathan. God is gracious and always good–as cliche as it sounds. I trust he’ll provide!

    I miss you guys!

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