The Blind Side

On Friday night we headed to the fabulous Milan movie theater (The Ritz) to see The Blind Side while Memaw kept an eye on the little man.  However, we came back empty handed because the Milan movie theater sold out?!?! And 30 minutes before the show!?!?!  I was so surprised!  Milan didn’t get the movie until just this weekend which was two weeks past opening weekend and Jonathan and I were dying to see it!  So we checked out the matinee on Saturday afternoon and got tickets!  Ok, now check out this flow…A matinee at the Milan movie theater is $3 a ticket (so 2=$6), a Large popcorn (it is refillable I might add) is $3, and a Large drink is $3 (also refillable).  So our grand total for a new movie was $12!!!  Whoo hoo!  We just love the Milan movie theater.  That is a great way to save money in this economy!

So after once again the initial shock of the very cheap movie prices wearing off we sat down to watch the movie!  This one is five start folks, or two thumbs up whichever you prefer!  It is a very inspiring movie about a Memphis teenager that is given a second chance at life by a wealthy Memphis family who adopts them.    It is a true story which makes it all the more better and even better than that the headstrong momma is a Kappa Delta!  So I have lots of ties to this  movie!  Plus, this story takes place at a Christian school which I can only imagine since I graduated from a Christian highschool.  This one is a tear jerker and a family movie.  Sandra Bullock had a wonderful performance and I think she deserves an award for this film.  I heard talk of her maybe being nominated for an Oscar or this one.  So if you haven’t seen it yet I would take a date night, a girls night, a family night or whatever to you local theater because it’s worth the green.


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