It’s more fun to Christmas Shop when you can SAVE MONEY!!!!

So far I’ve bought several gifts at brand new Kodak Gallery website. They are still giving away free $15 towards gifts if you sign up with a new account!  Any kind of photo gifts are great for us with Caden around.  Family just love pictures of him, especially multiple photos!  You can sign up per member of your household so you can use the $15 perk more than once.  This has worked very nice for us towards Christmas.


Target has some fabulous toy coupons that you can get from clicking here. We bought Caden a Little People Airport Discovery set that is usually $40.00 for 1/2 price.  So after the fabulous $20.00 Coupon we got it for only $20.00.  I was so excited.  I also purchased a tag Jr. the reading system for 2-4 year olds.  It was on sale for $28.99.  It is usually priced at $31.99.  Target let’s you use a combo of target coupons and manufacturer coupons if you can find them.  They let me use the $10.00 off tag coupon on the Tag Jr. and then I found a $10.00 off manufacturer coupon so I got the Tag Jr. for only $8.99 after coupons.  Go here to find those coupons from tag.

So far that’s the major Christmas shopping that I’ve done.  Hopefully I’ll find some more good stuff but I was so excited to save $40.00 at target after my coupons.  Yay!



2 responses to “It’s more fun to Christmas Shop when you can SAVE MONEY!!!!

  1. Thanks for the tips! And by the way…your house is adorable!

  2. Thanks so much! We are loving our house!

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