What you all have been waiting for…

So we have been residents of Tennessee since the very beginning of September.  And I just know that you have all been dying to see our cute Tennessee house.  So here it is…


Isn’t it super cute?  It’s on a corner lot.  And we are now full time residents of Milan, Tennessee.  It’s a town of about 7,000.  Which is quite an adjustment for me.  But I do enjoy being close to family.  I really can’t argue with having several full time babysitters that are within minutes of our house.  Jonathan’s parents, sisters, brother, and of course all their kiddos Caden’s cousins are just loving having him around.  Since the next oldest grandchild is about a 13 year difference it’s easy to have hands to have babysitters.  Lots of fun!  Also, we are very thankful that it hasn’t snowed here yet and that there is no brutal wind that blows through us.  However, we are still praying for our home to sell in Nebraska.  It’s still sitting there waiting for us to come back and we keep telling it that we are so sorry but it needs a new owner.  So hopefully the Lord will provide very soon for yet another resident to enjoy our very comfy townhome that is in Nebraska.

Here’s what else you missed…



Doesn’t he look great!  We have a fabulously fun Elmo party!

100_1459This is the super cute cake (and it was super tasty) that I had been dreaming about for well over a year.  I so wanted to throw him a Elmo party before he was even born!

And the most recent adventure that you missed…da da da daaa!  The cutest scarecrow in the entire world!

100_1531And trick-or-treating for the first time!!!

100_1539I must say how proud I am of my $6 very cute scarecrow find at a garage sale plus a very cute costume that is coming next year so you will have to stay tuned.  I think those are all the biggies, we did visit the Memphis zoo where I of course forgot my camera (how could I forget it for the first trip to the zoo?).  My mother-in-law however did have a camera and we took some very cute photos with the animals in the back ground.  I still need to get those from her camera so you can see too.  Well, I hope you enjoyed the short update of our move to Tennessee!


One response to “What you all have been waiting for…

  1. happy birthday caden! 🙂 ..and the house is SUPER cute! praying the other sells soon!

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