Our First Family Vacation

We just got home from our very first family vacation ever!  Me, Jonathan and Bugs!  Bugs did fabulous!  We traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota to check out Mount Rushmore.  I mean, we will probibly never live this close again.  So we had to take the chance.  Now we are back home and moving in a week!  Time to start packing like a mad woman!  But first…here are some pics of our first family trip!

The Whole Fam

The Whole Fam

Here we are with Mount Rushmore in the background.  Just to prove we were there!


Here’s me and buggy boo with Mount Rushmore WAAAY in the background.  You probibly can’t even see it from the pic!

Happy as a Clam!

Happy as a Clam!

100_1428We ate buffalo, but not this buffalo!  This one was like feet from our car! 


And we saw real dinosaur bones!  Here’s bugs and I getting eaten by one.  We had so much fun and Caden did great!  He decided to skip his daily naps (pretty much both morning and afternoon) and take cat naps in the car instead.  It was an hour time difference so we ended up putting him to bed every night right after 6.  He’s sleep until 6 and even 7 the next day taking 12-13 hour nightly snoozes!  He was fabulous!  And of course, happy as a clam!


One response to “Our First Family Vacation

  1. that’s great you were able to go! I hate packing for moving, too, ugh! Hope everything goes smoothly for your family and take care,
    Sarah M

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