Caden’s Favorite Toy!


100_1395happens to be my son’s favorite toy!  I couldn’t get a picture with him with his favorite toy because he has become too distracted any time I even think about taking out the digital camera or the video camera.  I think he likes his pictures so close all you can see is his eye balls.  I’ve tried several times because he is rather passionate about this thing and I think it’s funny so I’ll try to take one so you can see it.  Very recently he has learned how to get into the kitchen cabinets.  The only one that I will let him get into is the one with the tupperware, he found this little shovel in there too and it has become one of his most favorite things.  Sometimes he’ll open up the cabinet just to get it.  Once he gets it he’ll shut it and crawl away.  He crawls around holding it in his hand and making a heavy breathing sound.  This kid breaths so LOUD!  I’ve tried to stop him from slamming it on the coffee table and denting it up.  I’m trying to keep my coffee table looking nice.  He likes to wave it around and sometimes even dance with it.  Other than his love of the shovel Caden has also started dancing.  He’ll bob his head up and down when he hears music and sometimes even when he knows he’s about to hear music like when we take out his instrament bird.  I think he can hear the music in his head.  Funny guy.  It’s funny how those favorite toys are often ones you don’t even have to spend money on!


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