Webb Family Updates

Well, Jonathan bugs and I hit the farmers market this morning.  I love the farmers market!  There are great smells of good food cooking, fabulous produce and wonderful locally crafted gifts.  I just couldn’t believe how cool it was this morning.  I was a little chilly which is what I would expect from going to the farmers market in May but not in July!  The day is beautiful today!  We purchased some sweet corn, oninons, cucumbers, greenpeppers, and dinner rolls. We had fun walking around with the family and enjoying watching the people.  Bug kept his hat on the whole time so people would look at him and smile.  He does a really good job of keeping his hat on.  It wasn’t until we got out to the parking lot that he took it off and dropped it.

I feel like there is so many preparations to make in order to move to Tennessee.  We are still praying for our home to sell and so far we have only had one showing.  It has been on the market for two weeks.  I am praying that there will be a few more showings this week.  That also means that I need to get cleaning again.  There are times that I am very sad and there are times that I am very excited to move.  I can’t wait to be closer to family, have more access to fresh produce, this church we found online looks wonderful and I can’t wait to have more church fellowship. But I am nurvous about living in a small town, as well as what is waiting for us there.  I am praying that Jonathan gets a wonderful job and that this will be a place that will rejuvinate and renew our walk with God as a family.  I have been praying for God’s direction and trying to trust. I often realize how hard of a time I have trusting my savior.

Caden is doing amazing.  I can’t believe how much he’s chattering away. He sounds like when he talks that you know exactly what he is saying.  I am sure that he knows exactly what he is saying.  That silly boy!  He is pulling up on everything like crazy and crusing around the furniture.  Last night he had a place pulling open cabinet doors and pull out the tupperware and playing in the cabinets.  What cutie.  Most of the time he is all smiles and laughs.  He is such a blast.  I wouldn’t mind having more like him as long as they don’t fight sleep like he does.

Jonathan and I are trying to plan our first family vacation to Mount Rushmore.  We really want to visit before we move from Nebraska.  We haven’t had a vacation in a very long time and are excited about it.  We are also trying to make plans for our 4th wedding anniversary that is comming up on the 6th.  I can’t believe it has been 4 years with my wonderful hubby!  Well, here’s to 4 more wondeful years.  The Lord only knows where we will be 4 years from now!


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