Taxes and other government crap

Well, I’m not much of a politician.  I leave that up to my husband but I am rather sick of seeing commercials about this and that and hearing about proposals to put taxes on just about everything.  I don’t know about you but I think I pay enough taxes.  I don’t know what our government is thinking. I pay tons of taxes and its difficut to get buy already and yet they want to places taxes on lots of other things as well.   What about all this out of control government spending.  When are they going to quit that.  We get taxed out of the wazoo for somthing I would never allow anyway.  We are paying the price of those in Washington that are making stupid decisions. Our government seriously needs to go through a change in spending and stop throwing money out of the window.  I really don’t believe that any of this econmic stimulus has done anything.  And that’s my soap box.

Also, I received this email today and would like to pass it on…

Please take just a second to do this and pass it on!!  Thanks____

Please click the link and demand that all members of Congress and the Senate, and all of their employees get the same kind of medical coverage that they are voting for, for you.  No more, no less, as it seems to be the only way to make them look at what they are doing. . .

It is simple, quick and easy. . . Just hit the link.

Thank you and pass it on to all that you know


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