The Best Place to get Children’s Clothes

Other than getting children’s clothes at a garage sale which can often be a steal if you find a good one, one of my favorite places to get children’s clothes is at Children’s Place.  It is fabulous because they often are having sales and if you have any coupons and their merchandise is on sale you can get the clothes their for direct cheap.  ALMOST as cheap as some of those couple dollar garage sale prices for new stuff! Today at the mall here in Lincoln they were having a sidewalk sale where many of the clothes were marked down quite a bit and then you could get an additional 40% off the marked down price!  Whoo hoo!  If you had a 15% off coupon that they sent in the mail you could get an additional 15% off as well!


My second favorite place to shop for Children’s clothes is Old Navy!  They have fabulous sales as well and can get some chilren’s clothes for very very cheap!  Yesterday bug and I did some shopping and got some baby boys swim trunks on sale for 5 bucks!  That’s a great deal when your bug is growing out of his clothes halfway through the summer and is needing the next size up!


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