Maybe an Answer

Last week Jonathan and I spent the week in Milan, Tennessee.  His hometown of around 7,000 people.  We enjoyed our time with family we never see and trying to rest which we haven’t done much of in a long time.  For about the millionth time Jonathan’s dad had a proposal for him to take over the Library he runs with relgious books.  This time though he made us an offer that we just couldn’t refuse.  We’ve been stuggling to take care of our small family and get going after leaving several years in the ministry.  We’ve had much heartache with our families and so much of a scare with paying the bills.  It’s been hard not having a car and being trapped in our home.  So it’s been decided.  We are moving to Milan, Tenneessee. We are planning on the first of September before Jonathan and Caden’s birthdays.

Though much of this is a relief to my husband, and I guess somewhat to me I have been dreading this for a very long time.  I don’t really consider myself a small town girl.  We’ve been aching for a church that we can get invovled in, there may be one good one there but we really aren’t sure.  I like to have things to do and places to explore.  My heart is very heavy.  As I started to think we would be here in Nebraska for awhile I’ve started to get invovled in things around here to make friends.  I’m supposed to be a discussion group leader for MOPS next year, I’m the Vice President of my sorority Alumnae Association, I’m supposed to be on the Chapter Advisory Board for my sorority here, and I’ve made a few friends that are very dear.  Though I’ve wanted to leave Nebraska when I thought I’d be here I connected myself to it in someways.  It hurts to think about leaving.  I really enjoy our home and am not interested in moving somewhere smaller.  But if this is the way that God is providing for us who am I to deny his blessings?  I guess this is an answer to my prayer for the Lord’s provision.

And just a little update on Caden waking early.  I’ve been putting him to bed at 6:30 or 7:00 last week and he would sleep from 7:00 to 7:00 pretty much!  Yay it works!  Thanks Sarah for the great advice!  I just wish I could get him to go 8:00 to 8:00.  I’ll have to work on that.


One response to “Maybe an Answer

  1. Becky,
    First off, what a HUGE change huh, with the moving? I am happy that your prayer has been answered, though in a different way to you…now…
    If thi sis God’s will for your family, you will grow there in ways you never thought possible. I am so glad that the financial burden has lifted its heavy fingers. It is a hard place to be in, for sure.
    You will sure have a busy month and a half!! Let me know if you would like some company when you are packing, or just someone to babysit for a few hours or so.
    I think the reason why God is “keeping” us here are a number of reasons, firstly being we have matured in character, gained resourcefulness, and now have aquired dual citizenship for Stefan and the kids (Stefan got it eysterday), which I KNOW will be awesome for the future, wherever we happen to land in the next 50 years! There is so much I have had to learn that I don’t know if I would have learned if I had my way and moved up whenever we wanted, sold our house quickly (and for a good price) or gone through life with one income.
    I think He is whittling us away (although it sure hurts at times) to make us more like Him. That we could only see hindsight perfectly everyday, it might not be so bad.
    I pray God blesses you and your family in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed in Milan, TN.
    PS-SO glad about Caden, those little ones sure need their sleep huh?!
    If you are trying to move it back to 8-8, try it in 10 min. increments over a week -2 weeks, and it will probably work out.
    Sarah M

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