My heart today…

Today, I had a fabulous prayer time for my hubby.  A day doesn’t go by when I’m not a little bit anxious, scared, doubtful, and asking God for much more faith than I have.  A year has gone by since we left full time ministry and it doesn’t seem like we are in any different place than when we began.  We still desire to live in Memphis, we still want to see provision for our family, we still want to be near our family, and we want to be a part of what God wants for us. We still want clarity for where God’s wants us to be.  I’m tired for more reasons than one, I desperately want to be in a season of plenty rather than this season of drought and when I say a season of plenty that has to do with much more than our finances.  It has to do with our finances, our spiritual life, our peace, our patience, our ability to help others, our ability to give.

Today, as I was praying for our small family I poured over Stormie Omartian’s book “The Prayer That Changes Everything – The Hidden Power of Praising God.”  I started reading chapter 26 When I Need God’s Provision and Protection.  After Omartian spoke about growing up poor and in need she spoke about the importance of being Thankful.  She talks about when Jesus feed 5000 with only five loaves of bread and two fish and gave thanks to God for it. (John 6:11-13)  She made the point that giving thanks for what we have can increase things to become something greater than it is.  She says, “There is a principle here that is worth repeating.  Jesus gave thanks for what He had and God multiplied it to what He needed.” That is one of my biggest prayers today.  That my heart would be able to give thanks for what we have wholeheartedly and that God would multiply it into what we need.  So if you have a second today would you pray that God would give us thankful hearts.  Hearts that are thankful for what he Has given us.  Our hearts are very weary and tired.  Tomorrow we are traveling to St. Louis and then on to Tennessee to see family.  Please pray that this time would be one of refreshment for us.  Please pray that this would be a time of clarity for us as well.  Please pray as well that God would increase our faith. I am in desperate need for much more than I have.  I want peaceful sleep at night instead of going to bed with that nagging feeling of fear.  Thank your so much for your prayer and if there is anything that we can pray for your please don’t hesitate to let us know. We would like to bless others to day as we are reminded of the things that we need to be thankful for.


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