Very Early

The past week and a half or so Caden has been getting up very very early in the morning.  He’s been waking up around 6:00 or 6:30.  For quite some time he was sleeping until 7:00 or 7:30.  Not only is he waking so early he’s sleepy and fussy as soon as I get him up.  I always leave him in bed until 7:00 so in hopes that he will go back to sleep but it just hasn’t happened yet.  Now, I’m not sure what is causing his early wake time.  Maybe the sun is coming in his window too early and his little eyes open and he starts talking to himself.  I am very very tired from this early wake time.  I’ve been getting about 6 hours a sleep a night or less lately since I have had trouble sleeping myself due to everything that has been going on with us.  I feel like I have been draging and in desperate need of naps during the day.  A friend suggested putting him to bed a half hour early, I have been reluctant to try but I did put him to bed a little early but he only seemed to get up earlier.  I may try it again though just to see what happens.  But any mommies out there have any other advice?  I usually put little bug to bed around 8 or 8:30 at night.  Although he would like me to put him to bed earlier.  He always gets sleepy around 6 or 7 so I know the poor little guy needs more sleep.


2 responses to “Very Early

  1. don’t ask me why this is BUT sleepy babies will sleep more fit-fully AND less if they are overly tired. Read it on doctor websites, read it on parenting websites/magazines, etc. ITS TRUE! (we have this happen w./ ani).
    Try putting him to bed at 7 or 6:30 when he gets fussy. I would do it for a week, and be Strict about it–don’t miss any day of the week, and see if he won’t go the full 12 hours! We have trained both kids to sleep like this–ani esp. has a hard time if we keep her overly stimulated/awake for longer than she wants to be, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get her to sleep.
    Kids will (and need!) 12 hours of sleep at night, seriously!
    If we miss ANi’s tim ebc we’re out or something–we will pay for it (it happens MAYBE once every few weeks) but it is always the same: crying/not wanting to eat/SCREAMING until she can fitfully fall asleep HOURS later.
    Try it for one week and I would love to see how it works!
    Sarah M

  2. sheesh, sorry for the novel!

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