Caden’s most recent adventures

finishAbove is the sign for all done.  My baby boy, my 9 month old is becoming a pro at this sign!  Babies can most definitely communicate at such a young age and it is absolutely hilarious!  Today, he was eating some cheerios after eating some veggies and fruit and put his hands straight in the air to signal to me that he was all done.  I then say “Caden are you all done?” And he give me a big smile and laugh because he is so excited that he is understood!  I seriously need to get a picture of my cutie telling me that he is all done!  We are also working on signing “more”.  I was also giving him a drink of water today and after he had a few sips he put his little hands in the air again to tell me that he was all done.  He’s so precious.

Caden is getting so good at his crawling around.  He’s all over the place.  He pushes up on his knees on tables, door frames, on us.  It’s so fun to watch him crawling around and trying to pull himself up on the coffee table.  Even tries to chew on the coffee table.  That is my most recent struggle is to try to get him to NOT leave teeth marks on our coffee table.  I think he will be pulling himself up on the furniture and cursing around before long.  I think he’s doing a little more teething too.  That kid is going to have a full head of teeth before he is ten months old!

And in most recent bowel movement news the poor little guy had a blowout the other night.  As he had his second bowel movement for the day (he is doing much better in that area) the poop when all the way up his back.  As I pulled off his shirt he smeared poop all up his back.  It’s impossible to get his shirt off his head without smearing everything everywhere.  I of couse had to throw him in the tub.  Yuck!  But he did have a lot of fun splashing around in the tub!


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