Life as we know it.

Well, another day begins.  I’m continuing to pray that our situation improves and that we learn whatever we are supposed to learn soon so that we can get a little rest around here.  It’s hard for me to watch my husband daily feel so beat up.  I on the other hand have been exhausted kind of off and on pretty much since I had Caden.  I’m not really sure what is causing it.  Maybe I’m just not getting all the nutrients that I need.  I still probably don’t eat quite enough.  I’ve always had that problem.  Even in college.  Never know what to feed myself and now that I have a baby it’s so easy to get sidetracked with what is going on with him and skip a meal altogether.  Probably not really a good idea since I’m still breast feeding and really do want to do so until he is at least a year old.  That is my goal anyhow.  I’m sure all the breast feeding has saved 100’s of dollar worth since we haven’t had to buy any formula or anything and I really do enjoy it except now that he has teeth sometimes he bites!  ouch!  Any ideas from anyone on the tiredness thing? On the other hand it may just be a lot of stress that sometimes I don’t even realize that I am under.

I’m praying that we will learn quickly what we need to learn and that Jonathan will know and use the gifts that God has given him to the best of his ability.  Though it is getting harder and harder to believe this at times I am sure that the rest of our lives aren’t going to be this difficult.  Even though this has been an incredibly long season there are good things to come!  Not that we don’t already have a lot to be thankful for!

We are of course still praying that God provides and addtional car and I was very encouraged to find out the other day that a friend of ours is going overseas for five years and is praying about giving us her car!  That is so awesome!  It was encouraging since I don’t think somtimes that people really realize how difficult it is for us to only have one car.  Of couse it won’t be until she leaves which is October but either way it is something to really look foreward too!  Well, sounds like my bug is waking up so I better go and get him.  He’s so funny now that he is crawling everywhere.  He really has grown up overnight!  So quickly!


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