Wedding Weekend #2

Well, it’s pretty much over and done.  We survived and most importantly bugs survived wedding weekend numero dos.  It was an extremely eventful weekend actually.  Here’s how the events went down.  It felt like a tornado so Enjoy!  Friday, we hoped in the car much earlier than we thought because we realized that Jonathan had to go pick up his tux to make sure it fit.  So we left Lincoln about 3:30, drove to Omaha dropped by the tux place, dropped Jonathan off at the church for the rehearsal and then took Caden (who had missed his nap) by a friends house, and realized that I flaked out and forgot the milk I had pumped.  Doh!  I spent all week pumping for this weekend and I totally flaked plus leaving our friends that had a new 10 week old with a crabby kid without any food.  Shoot!  So fed bugs and tried to put him to sleep and he didn’t want to go.  Then I drove around Omaha (which I am not very familiar with) until I finally found the church where the rehearsal dinner was at (different church than the rehearsal) and had an interesting night.  I’ve been quite emotional due to everything going on in our lives an was worried about my little guy.  Our friends that we left our little guy with went to an Omaha royals game though and apparently Caden had a grand time watching the people and even got a kraft singles towel from the game (yeah I thought it would be a Omaha Royals towel too).  He did really well but wasn’t too happy by the time he got back to their house!  He was sleepy!  We drove back to Lincoln and he passed out in the car! On top of all that we found out on Friday that Jonathan had missed an email that for some reason went to his junk box and had to be back in Omaha by 11:00 or so the next day which was MUCH earlier than we had planned for!  AHHH!

Day 2: Saturday. I got up early to help with Makeup for a fashion show at a mother daughter brunch at a church nearby.  It was  alot of fun!  Then I drove home and packed up while Jonathan got in the shower.  Then we took off for Omaha once again.  Dropped of Jonathan at the Embassy suites, ran and errand and took back the wrong size PJ’s to Old Navy, (Love their PJ’s for kiddos by the way! ) and went to our friends Jason and Miranda’s house.  Fed bugs, had lunch and was able to relax a bit.  Took our kiddo and theirs to Miranda’s mom and dads to babysit during the wedding.  Went to a very interesting Orthodox wedding.  I had never been to an orthodox wedding before.  Very interesting symbolism.  It was an experience.  And then to a beautiful reception where we danced the night away.  Well not really, we actually ate had to leave right during the toasts to go get the kiddos and then we got the kid and came back to the party for awhile.  Packed up bugs and headed back to Lincoln.  He passed out.  He missed a few naps on Friday and Saturday.

Today Sunday: We didn’t got to church in fear that bugs might have an overload and let him sleep in, which he did until 9am!  It was awesome!  As did I sleep until 9am as well.  We got ready, went to Sam’s to and then home to chill until Jonathan had a tennis match.  It was fun watching the tennis match.  Hadn’t seen him play in a long time and he did rather well for not playing in quite awhile.  Then we came home and as we were playing on the floor with bugs we noticed smoke outside.  Turns out our neighbors house caught on fire!  Scary stuff!  Four fire trucks pulled up and got out the fire.  I’m pretty sure everyone was alright and the family who’s home caught on fire has several foster kiddos.  I’m not sure what happend but sounds like one of the kids was burning intense or something.  The upstairs room was burning, it was crazy!  I have never really seen fire action like that.  So, we had a quite eventful weekend!


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