I’m pretty sure bugs is going to have a full set of teeth before he is nine months old.  It was pretty crazy once those teeth started coming in it’s like they just won’t stop.  First it was the bottom two and then the one on the top and the the other one on the top.  He was his happy little self for like a week or less and now once again he’s crying hystarically, not sleeping and chewing like crazy on his fingers still.  I tried the baby tylenol by the way and that didn’t do a thing either.  The teeth coming just hurt this kiddo  like crazy!  Poor guy!  So before we know it he may have several more teeth.  He’s not getting a break either.  I hope that this weekend isn’t so bad since we have a rehersal dinner and a wedding to go to on Saturday.  Hopefully the friend of ours that are watching him won’t have too much trouble.  I miss my happy little guy.  Last night was once again an unhappy night.  He cried several times in his sleep and then awoke at 11pm and didn’t go back to sleep until after 1am.  Unfortunatly I was not able to take a nap today either.  One thing that did help briefly is I took his infant feeder thing with the netting that you stick pieces of food in and put ice in it so he could chew on that.  That seemed to help until he started to get really fussy.  He was probibly getting quite a bit tired too!  He is looking awfully cute though with those little bottom and top teeth poking though!


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