We’ve got a crawler on our hands

Yep, so after two months of pushing up on his hands and knees and people saying, “is he crawling yet? is he crawling yet?” he just days ago started taking a couple of crawling steps.  Then this morning he was going to town.  He has already been crawling around and getting into things that I keep telling him “no!” He wants to play with his highchair, the blinds, the cord to the computer, what’s next? He’s having so much fun crawling around he lays on his back and starts waving at himself and laughing.  Silly little guy.  That’s the other new milestone Caden recently hit, he is waving, he hasn’t figured out how to wave hello or bye bye yet but he waves all the time.  He’s also figured out how to pull down his bumper on his bed and wave through the slats on his crib.  It’s just like he’s waving and saying “get me out of jail mom! Kind of like this…


He’s also becoming a much better eater.  He’s recently tried whole milk yogart and egg yolks.  Yummy!  He seems to be very happy about both.  This morning I even gave him some peeled grapes that were cut up into fourths.  Those didn’t really even get into the mouth so well but when a few did he seemed to enjoy sucking on them a lot!  Yay!  My little boy is getting big so fast!


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