Road Trip Spectacular

Yesterday the Webb family took a road trip Spectacular.  We spent two and a half hours in the car traveling to a wedding of a former student I worked with while I was on staff with Campus Crusade.   The wedding was beautiful.  Unfortunately on the way there we had to take a detour which took us a considerable distance out of the way.  We had purchased a neck pillow in hopes of keeping his neck a little straighter as we drove in his big boy car seat.  It’s so hard to watch the little guys head hang as he sleeps and we drive along.  The neck pillow helped a little bit but it wasn’t quite as successful as we had hoped it would be.  Our plans had been to hit a winery up in Northern Nebraska and do a wine tasting before the wedding.  The weather was fabulous to hang out at a winery.  But due to the fact that we had to take an unplanned detour, that is no good, and that the wedding was beginning shortly after we arrived there we had to pass on the wine tasting.  Bummer!  Maybe next time!

So like I said, the wedding was beautiful, the bride was beautiful and the couple was absolutely radiant.  I just love enjoying weddings, especially Christian weddings where the bridge and groom have experienced Christ and desire to make that the foundation of their wedding and their lives really.  There were so many kiddos at this wedding that we couldn’t even get a high chair at the reception. But our little guy did ok.  I put on my Sleepy Wrap and he just passed right out.  Actually he kind of looked around and then he laid his little head on my chest, closed his eyes and passed out so that I could eat in peace.  What a great little guy!  He did so good.  It was fun to reconnect with some friends and just celebrate the beginning of a new life for the happy couple.  Every time we go to a wedding I am reminded of what our wedding what like, and what it was like to wake up together for the first time.  Then I am always reminded that here we are almost four years later and I really do love my husband more than the day I married him.  I am reminded again why  I married him and why he really is my knight in shining armor.

On the way back home bugs did pretty well once again until we got to the very last leg of our trip.  We were about 30 minutes out and bugs started crying hysterically.  He was exhausted, it was past his bed time and he was probably a bit hungry too since I usually feed him his last meal quite a bit earlier.  Eventually after trying to calm him down my rubbing his head and trying to sing to him he quited down and fell asleep.  After we got home I fed him and put him right to bed.  It was a long but very fun day.  There will be another wedding next weekend but this time we only have to travel to Omaha for it.  My hubby will be an usher so we will have a couple days of festivities but it should be a  little bit easier to manage.  So stay tuned for wedding weekend #2.


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