Picnic at the Park

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful evening at Pioneers park.  Another one of my favorite places to visit in Nebraska.  (I need to put that on my list on a past post)  We joined several mommies from MOPS and grilled out, while the kiddos played on the play ground.  Not ours though of couse he’s still to0 young.  You know he can’t even walk let alone crawl yet.  So he happiliy say on a blanket chewing on his toys and watching the other people around the park.  Occationally he will watch a bird fly over.  Those birds really get his attention.  He is the most content guy at the park. Everyone was commenting about how laid back and good he is.  And we of couse are eating it up as proud parents.  Our little guy just sits and enjoys life, watching the world go by.  And Kelly, one of the other moms just thought he was halarious.  He does know how to entertain himself.  So on the way out see said “see you later, maybe at your act in Vegas.”  So we may have a little comedian on our hands.  I really wouldn’t be surprised.  I mean I really do think that his little personality is just like his daddy!  He’s a ham.  He knows it and he’s halarious!  Looking forward to doing it again.  I’m so thankful for the other moms at MOPS!


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