Free stuff and my Mary Kay bussiness

Here is the loot…

100_1341Take another look…

100_1342So what is it you ask?  These are my free prizes for being a Mary Kay consultant.  That’s right.  I’ve been a consultant since November and have recieved a cool watch, some pearl earrings, and then earrings and a matching necklace since I’ve been part of the company (and they aren’t cheap either).  Cool huh?  Now if you haven’t tried Mary Kay products before or it has been awhile and you would like to send me an email, if you live near me we can arrange a facial, if you live far away I can send you some samples.  The prodcuts are absolutly fabulous.  The facial will of course cost you nothing.  Are you looking for an at home bussiness, have kiddos want to make some extra dough?  Tough econcomy right?  Take a look at my website by clicking here.  Listen to some real stories about being a consultant.  Mary Kay gives among the highest comssion of any company of its kind.  There are great support groups and sales directors.  My sales director here is fabulous, but if you would like to get invovled and join my team I can get you hooked up with a sales director in your area.  Work at home, spend time with your kids.  Many women do it full time and make a perfectly good living to support themselves.  The company awards tons of cool insentives and gives spectacular training!  If you enjoy make up you can have fun.  It’s also great because it’s stretching.  This women have often overcome a lot to get where they are.  And there is always someone to help you along to get to the next step.  I’m telling you this bussiness is one of the best of its kind. Check out my webiste and my free stuff and let me know if you have any questions.


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