Elmo and other exciting stories…


My eight month old son loves Elmo. It all started when we decided to get Caden a tickle me Elmo for Christmas.  Caden was only about four months old at the time but he thought the tickle me Elmo was the coolest thing!  He just stared at it and made faces at it and ever since that time he was easily entertained watching Elmo roll around and laugh.  But I mean who wouldn’t be?  Grown adults are entertained at the tickle me Elmo right?  Well, just this past weekend, I did some major garage saleing and scored Caden some of those super books with the buttons you push that make the noises.  They were both Elmo.  Along with a couple of other board books that have Elmo in them as well.  Not to mention the elmo board book my mom got Caden when she was here.  He loves them.  Lately there’s been one sitting on the table by the rocking chair where I feed him and every time he sees it he gets really excited and starts hi breathing really fast and moving his arms up and down.  I know it’s still four months away ( and I don’t want it to get here quick by any means) but I think Elmo might be in the making for his first birthday party!  So mark your calendar.

In other news,  Caden arrived at two milestones yesterday!  He sit on his butt from his tummy for the first time!  Yay!  And he’s only done it once so far.  And he also started eating his puffs I gave him with his pincher fingers!  Yay for Caden!  Just turned 8 months and only days after he’s already making us proud!  I can’t believe how fast they grow up!


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