I’m sorry…

Dear  Wonderful Husband and all the readers of blogger land,

Please forgive me.  I love you so much and you are a wonderful provider for our family.  You are such a hard worker and have taken such good care of us. It was not my intent at all for you to feel like in any way you weren’t. You are my knight in shinning armor, my king, and my best friend.  Please forgive me for making you feel any different than that.  I respect you so much!  You are so great at what you do and our family is grateful for what you do for us each and every day.  I have been blessed with such a wonderful man who loves the Lord and loves his family.  You are doing such a wonderful job!  I’m sorry there are times when I am negative and discontent.  I need the Lord to help me through those times. They are not any reflection at all on you!  In fact, I am so so proud to call myself your wife.  With the Lord’s help we have achieved so much in this difficult year. And you my wonderful husband are much of the reason why.    We have been through so much together in not even four years of marriage.  I know we will come out stronger in our faith and in our selves.  You are a blessing to me every day!  I love you!

So to all out there who have read my posts in the past couple of months please know that I never intended to disrespect my wonderful husband.  Althogh I did and blogging is a great outlet for sharing what is going on with me but I think it also can shed light on how imperfect I really am.  Please forgive me!




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