So, what’s going on with the Webb’s?

We have had quite a few adventures lately that I have failed to mention.  Nana (Becky’s mom) came to visit last Sunday and stayed through Thursday.  Since Jonathan and I share a car we were stuck at home on Monday but managed to finally rent a car on Tuesday and Wednesday.  You’d think if the economy is really that bad it would be easier to get a rental car for cheap.  Finally, after many desperate attempts we did get a rental car from avis for two days for $30 a day.  Whoo hoo!  It was time to paint the town red.  So Tuesday we drove all over town with our baby boy in the back seat and did some power shopping for the little guy (Thanks Nana!)  We hit Target – bath toys and books, Old Navy – super cute baby clothes and Jammies, Children’s Place – baby sunglasses and had a blast!  Caden was having so much fun he just couldn’t stand it.  Until he fell asleep in his big boy car seat.  I just hate it that his head falls forward like that in the car seat.  Any moms have any suggestions or a car seat that it just doesn’t happen? Wednesday we went to Omaha and had a very nice lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise (it really does kind of feel like you are on vacation when you are there!) and headed to babies r us (where we did some more incredible power shopping) and Old Navy – where unfortunatly I bought the wrong size jammies.  Too small!  Baby boy is getting SO BIG!  But I am a lover of those two piece jammies which are very hard to find!  So it was very fun to have Grandma Sheryll here and we are still adjusting back to normal!

Finally!  Caden’s tooth popped up!  He’s been waking up at 5am the past two nights!  (Doh!  I’m not used to that) but his little toothy is hurting.  So he’ll wake up and I’ll put some of that gel on his teeth and finally I caved last night and fed him again (which I VERY RARELY do at night anymore) and he went right back to sleep.  I was so sleepy from when he woke up the night before!  Good thing he slept in to almost 9am this morning!  Whoo hoo for sleepy mommy and daddy!  It was family sleep in morning. But the tooth is coming.  Poor little guy.

So the Webb’s are doing alright.  I would still LOVE to have a way to get out of the house since I’m stuck here all the time without a means to go anywhere.  Jonathan even works on Saturday so here I am again just chillin’ at home.  I’m sure someday there will be an additional vehicle in the garage.  Anyone have an extra that wouldn’t mind me borrowing it for awhile?  I feel so confined to my own home.  I’m glad it is getting so nice out again! It will be so nice to get out of the house some!  I can’t believe my first Mother’s Day is tomorrow!  Yay!  Caden is getting dedicated at the church service as well!  I can’t wait to stand before everyone and committ him to the Lord.  Jonathan is still getting going with his job and working to get in front of people and tell them what he does.  We will be thankful when there is a little bit more stability.


One response to “So, what’s going on with the Webb’s?

  1. Glad you and your family enjoyed yourselves at Cheeseburger in Paradise, come back to visit us soon!

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