Things every Mom needs…

Registering for a new baby or going to a shower? I recently had a friend who is having a new baby soon ask what to register for.  There is so much on the market now it is hard to know what to get.  Since I was brainstorming I thought others might benefit as well.  These are some great items!    Here are some things that I have found useful…any other input from moms out there? Enjoy!

Snack Trap

Tiny Diner – I have a hard time watching parents let their kiddos eat off the table.  Sorry if you do but this thing is awesome and well worth the $10.99!

Sun Shade

Sleepy Wrap

Travel System – I have a Graco travel system.  It’s great.  I know there are some other great brands out there but I would recommend sticking with Graco or some other brands with the jogger stroller.  I have heard to not go with brands that make formula.

Exersaucer – Great product my little guy started using his at 7 months.

Baby Monitor – we really liked this monitor!, Fisher price private connection monitor.  It works really well!

Swaddle – we really liked the kiddopatomus baby swaddle

Infant bather – Summertime Infant bather, loved it!

Play Gym – this was hours and hours and hours of entertainment, definately a must have!  A great shower gift too!

Earth’s Best – Caden wasn’t a big fan of solid foods but he loves this stuff!  Plus, I have heard it is as good for your baby as baby food can get.

Diaper Sling – Miranda says the Diaper Sling is great!  It looks like it would be pretty cool on dad.

ju-ju bee bag – This is my fav.  These diaper bags are SO stylish and are expensive but wear very well.  You can use it for a very long time and to moms that their babies are big I hear that they can still be used for other light packing as well!

Clean Well – natural hand sanitizer.  Instead of putting all that alcohol on babies hands.  This stuff is fabulous.  I found mine at target.

The First Sipster – great sippy cups!

Self Feeder – for moms like me that are afraid their baby will choke

Bouncy Seat – Can’t believe I forgot the bouncy seat!  Thanks Sarah!  Yes, definitely a must have for new moms! When baby is small take off the stuff.  Great place for them to take a nap as well!

Sleep sets – I love Old Navy and Gap’s sleep sets!  Old Navy is definitely better on the pocketbook.

Baby Bottle – Poddee!  Linsey says that it’s a fabulous product and works great for acid reflux which many babies deal with!  It looks great!  It would be an awesome gift!

Hylands Teething gel – good stuff for hurting teeth!

This isn’t a complete list.  I’ll brainstorm some more.  Please give your input mommies!


4 responses to “Things every Mom needs…

  1. Becky! I’m so glad to have found this…I love that you are a mom and are sharing the joys with everyone. I look forward to keeping up with you and your beautiful family. And thanks for the tips on the baby gear…I have tons of showers to go to!

  2. I love our “diaper sling”… it’s way cooler and smaller… good for us granola moms who don’t even carry a purse… even my husband wears it and looks cool!,262

  3. Hey Becky– saw this blog on twitter–I am an avid blog reader an the thing I could NOT go withotu is a bouncy seat. We take the “stuff” off of it (for example, if it lights up and has toys on it we take those off–just for the seat) and the babes just lay up in it and it conforms to their body and they can see us moving around. It’s very helpful when you want to have your hands free.

  4. Linsey Haden

    Podee! For any baby that uses a bottle this is the greatest thing ever! Especially helps with reflux and gas problems.

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