Getting Out of the House

Obviously if you have been reading my blog you can see that I really can’t decide what theme I would like to keep.  I’ve actually even contemplated going to blogger because there are theses really cute sites that you can go to to pick from all these backgrounds.  But, maybe I’ll save that for a rainny day.  I guess I start looking at my blog and think ah, maybe it would look better like this…  so don’t worry I’m sure someday I will find something that I will really like or wordpress will be able to support some of those super cute backgrounds and then I’m sure I will be able to decide.  I mean this is an important thing when you are reading and writing.  You want something apealing to the eye yes?  Well, until then be prepared for what you are going to see.  It will be fun to watch what I decide day to day.

Bugs and I went to scrapbook this morning at a friends house from MOPS.  It was a lot of fun to get out of the house even though I can’t say we got much scrapbooking finished.  There were kids running around and bugs got a quick nap in right before we left but as the morning began to wear on he started getting pretty sleepy.  However, before he started getting so sleepy he was cracking up the other ladies I was scrapbooking with.  He was chattering away.  He’s now making sounds like ba ba ba, ma ma ma, da da da, and Kelly  (we were at her house) says that he sounds like he is speaking in tongues.  So we spent a lot of time laughing at Mr. Entertainment himself at his baby language and his “speaking in tongues.”  Yes, he does offer hours and hours of entertainment. I’m sure when he gets older he’ll be asking every question that comes to his little brain.  As I’ve heard that is just what his daddy was like when he was a little guy.  I think they personality is going to be so similar.  Jonathan is going to have a mini me.  In not only acting but I’m sure he will look just like him too.

Speaking of Scrapbooking.  I’m still working on my baby book for bugs.  If anyone out there has any great scrapbooking website suggestions please do suggest.  I always want to improve my skills and I’m always looking for some really fun layouts.  I do pick up things from Hobby Lobby frequently because they have amazing sales on scrapbooking but any other scrapers out there have any tips or places that they purchase things from I would love to hear it!


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