Dinner with Bugs

Tonight we went out to dinner at Lazlo’s. We were celebrating Jonathan doing well at his job.  We are excited that his new job is taking off!  He’s doing so well!  While we were out at dinner Caden can finally sit up well enough to put in him a high chair.  He looks so funny sitting there and he sometimes can put his feet up on the high chair.  He’s such a curious little dude.  Tonight as we were eating Caden was looking around the restaruant and eyeing the other guests.  He gets the attention of everyone around us pretty easily.  Everyone was talking about how cute he was.  Of couse we know that he’s the cutest kido around.  But he had the attention of the tables on both sides.  His blue eyes are so bright and easily grab everyones attention.  I know that by the time he’s a big boy he’ll probibly talking to everyone in the restaruant.


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