Caden’s Recent Adventures

Well, the teeth from hell are yes, still bothering my boy.  It is so hard to be a mom and watch your baby suffer.  I did get some gel for his teeth.  So don’t think I’m an entirely bad mom not putting something on them to help him out a little bit.  But I don’t know if that gel does a darn bit.  It seems to help him a very small bit but then at times it seems to not help at all. I still can’t feel any little teeth poking through those sore gums but I do believe they are coming soon.  This morning he tried mangos for breakfast.  He seemed to like those.  The genius’ at Gerber call Mango a dessert.  I’m not sure why they call it a dessert.  I looked at the ingredints and they didn’t add any extra sugar or anything.  So I just gave him Mango for breakfast like I often give him any other fruit to eat for breakfast.  He did seem to like them an awful lot.

The excersaucer is a glorious invention.  It was like Christmas time when he got his.  He thought it was just fabulous and if it wasn’t for his little teeth he may play in it longer, much happier.  But those things are well worth the purchase.  Especially for a baby as active as mine.  I can just see it now.  Him running around the house getting into things here and there.  It’s almost time for baby proofing and I hear not to bother painting.  The kiddos may just mess it all up.

Well, today in Lincoln, Nebraska it’s rainny and yucky outside.  And tonight it is off to Kappa Delta for a Mary Kay party.  I am excited to be able to pamper those girls a little bit during dead week.  It will be a lot of fun!  Yay for Mary Kay.  I do enjoy being a consultant.  It is fun to have a reason to step out of the house from mommy land to be a professional makup consultant. 🙂  And tomorrow scrapbooking.  I can’t wait.  I’m WAY behind on Caden’s baby book. I was doing so well for awhile and now I haven’t worked on it in weeks!

Oh, and I failied to mention Caden is wearing his fabulously cute Addidas outfit today.  As I took photos he was hamming it up again.  I really think that kid knows when he’s in the center of attention and photos are getting taken of him!


One response to “Caden’s Recent Adventures

  1. Have you tried infant Tylenol? It really helps!

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