The teeth from He- Double Hockey sticks

Teeth must be just a horrible thing to get in for the first time.  The past couple nights and all day today Caden has not been a happy camper.  Our normally smiley happy baby boy has been so fussy.  I’m not used to having a fussy unhappy baby like this.  He is usually so good and easy to manage.  He usually doesn’t put up a fuss at all.  But the past couple of nights he’s been crying hystarically and pulling on his ears.  He’s been chewing on his fingers and droling all over the place.  He’s been so unhappy and I’ve finally got him some gel to put over his teeth.  That seems to help a little but it sure doesn’t seem to completely do the trick.  Most of the day today he hasn’t wanted to sleep, only fuss.  Fortunatly right now he is happy, which has been a rather rare occurance today.  He is rolling around on the floor and making his happy squeeling noises.  He’s also kicking and swinging around his new favorite toy, that book that I got him from Walmart the other day.  Oh man, we are blessed I think that we can’t remember that horrible feeling of having our teeth come in.  So when are these suckers going to pop up already?  Anytime soon?


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