Caden’s first birthday party!

No no. Caden is not 1 yet!  He’s only 7.5 months but today he attended his first birthday party.  Asher.  His friend, well our friends Andrew and Nicole’s kiddo from church their little guy celebrated the big #1 today!  We enjoyed meeting some of their friends and hanging out with our friend’s the Heiders.  He grabbed at our cupcakes and ice cream and hung upside down to impress the guests.  He flirted with the girls and showed off his dimples but he didn’t and then he got fussy and we had to take him home.  Of course he was so sleepy that he fell asleep in the car and took a cat nap on the way home.  So he of course didn’t want to take a nap once he got home.  Silly boy.

Today was supposed to be our outside day.  Asher’s party was supposed to be outside in a park but it was cold.  After having two 70 and 80 degree days today was in the 50s.  We were also supposed to have our great moms walk that raised money for my MOPS group but the rain was coming down.  It was cold and not at all to walk.  So we went and the kids played at the church that we meet at for MOPS and we spent a little bit of chat time with a few of the mommies and daddies there and took off to put Caden to bed (Please note the shirt below).  What a day!  News is that tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s again!

Caden in his My MOM is great! shirt

Caden in his My MOM is great! shirt

I also picked up Caden a book at Walmart today.  You know one of those chewable books for his hurting gums.  One that you can swing around and it makes the crinkling noise.  He loves it.  He swings it back and forth and back and forth like CRAZY!   Of course he’s just starting to swing his arms around like crazy by default. I can tell he’s going to be a very active and talkative boy!  He loves his new toy!



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