Prune Boy!

100_1287Look at that prunney face!  Our little Pumkin has been eating solid food for about three weeks now.  I think he may be just starting to get the hang of it!  He is finally opening his mouth occationally to let me stick the food in his little pie hole.  What a precious baby boy!  I just had to take a pic when he had prunes all over his face and he smiled really big just in time for me to take the picture.  I think he knows that he is a ham!  I really think he has his daddy’s sense of humor.  So far he’s tried such foods as rice cereal, squash, peaches, pears, bannans, sweet potatos, prunes and avocado.  Much more of this silly little face to come!


One response to “Prune Boy!

  1. OH my, how cute! I think I’m thankful we went right to self-feeding table foods at six months with our four – I can imagine your clean up ritual! 😀

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