Bug cheering for Mizzou during March Madness!!

Bug cheering for Mizzou during March Madness!!

We are sure that Caden is about to crawl away.  Though he seems to get frusterated by not being able to go anywhere he is pushing himself up on his knees.  I do think it will be soon.  I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he started crawing this weekend.  So although I am very excited about this next milestone I am also very sad that my baby boy is growing up so quickly!  They really do grow up so fast and he is only six months old!   I am excited for him and ready for him to crawl and yet I’m not ready to chase him around or make sure we have baby gates up.  Or scared to leave him alone by himself.  We can already tell that he is all boy.  He’s always squirming around.  Checking out the world.  He responds to people’s voices.

His other development has been his word sounds.  It really does seem like he’s talking back to you often times when you are speaking to him.  Although he’s been doing this for months he hasn’t been saying so many new sounds.  He wakes up sometimes early in the morning to speak jibberish to himself.  If I don’t go and bother him he will often fall back asleep eventually and sometimes even sleep in for mommy.  It is so fun to hear him speak.  We really do think he will be a little jibber jabber as he’s such a little chatter box.

Oh, and I guess I should write a little something about those solid foods.  We’ve tried rice cereal, peaches, pears, bannanas, squash, sweet potatoes, and avocado.  He still continues to make this aweful face like what I just fed him is repulsive.  When he eats the peaches he makes this sour face like he can absolutly not stand how sour everything is.  It is really hard to get him to eat anything really.  He makes the most horrible faces.  And when he’s totally finished like he doesn’t want me to stick the spoon in his mouth anymore then he arches his back and sticks his face up in the air.

We are so thankful for our little sunshine.  What would we do without him?


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