Bugs’ first Valentine’s Day!


Caden, who I affectionally call Bugs because he’s my love bug and cuddle bug celebrated his very first Valentine’s Day.  He sat in his little car seat and watched mommy and daddy eat a late lunch at Dino’s a restaruant bar and grill in town.  I was remineded as we sat and ate our fill of how this time last year I had maybe just found out about bugs.  We didn’t even call him bugs then,  we called him our “little pea.”  That was back in the days when we had no idea what his name would be or if he would even be a boy or a girl!  What fun that he is!  That was before he smiled and laughed at us for the first time and that was definately before I ever had to change one of bugs’ dirty diapers.  What adventures we have had since our little love bug has been born.  We have gone from sleepless nights to sleeping nights and feeding eight or nine times a day to only five.  He has gone to making crying noises to cooing noises and talking to everyone that he knows.  Our little guy is such a flirt!  He loves to talk to the girls and sometimes even cries when guys hold him.  Except for his daddy of course.  We think that he is going to be a little chatter box the way he talks to everyone!


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