The Webb Family

The Webb Family

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our blog!  We are excited to share with you our Webb Family adventures!  I have been wanting to put together a blog for quite awhile that updates our friends, family, and the world on our life.  Our little family began on Aug 6, 2005 and grew on September 17, 2008.  We were so excited just a couple months ago to add our addition Caden Riley or our “brave fighter” to the family.  He has been a blast so far!  We can’t wait to update you on the happenings of the Webb family as we have more and more adventures together and grow as God grows us!

So here’s what has been our adventures as of late.  We still make our home in Lincoln, Nebraska even though the only Lincoln native in our family is our “little pea” Caden.  We enjoy our three bedroom town home that sits adjacent to a golf course and the airport even though we hardly ever hear the planes that take off nearby.  Jonathan recently landed a job as a financial services representative and will some day be a full fledged financial advisor.  We are excited to see what is in store for us as Jonathan begins his new job.  These past months have been tough.  We left staff with a Christian ministry, looked for jobs, and had a baby but the Lord continues to provide each and every need that we have.  Though we would love to add an additional car to our family it isn’t a matter of life and death and we are praying that the Lord would provide that privilege in time.  Becky is a Mary Kay consultant and hopes to offer five star service to all her customers.

Our little pea is the happiest little guy on earth and we haven’t needed Disney World to make him that way! He is always smiling and laughing and he just learned out to roll over.  Only a couple of mornings ago I (Becky) found him on his little tummy.  So he must have rolled over in his sleep.  He is quite a talker and loves to tell us stories.  At least as far as we can tell he’s telling us stories about what we really aren’t sure.  We are enjoying being a mommy and daddy!  It is so fun to see him learning new things almost daily and having a little one to take care of and cuddle in our arms.  What a special little life that we have been entrusted to care for!

Many Blessings and Adventures to Come!

Love, The Webbs!


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Cool – I love following up with people through blogging. I look forward to seeing more to come. Best – Elizabeth

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